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Celebrating Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatre brought to life by the actors and musicians of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre London, with words and music recreating the unique Globe experience. Actors Liam Brennan, Tom Burke, John McEnery and Mark Rylance are featured in their performances as Romeo, Orsino, John of Gaunt and King Richard II.

Also featuring material from Twelfth Night, Measure for Measure and Much Ado About Nothing with introductions in the original pronounciation of Shakespeare’s time, all music played on period instruments plus the special treat of excerpts of live performances on the Globe stage.

There could hardly be a better aural souvenir of a visit to the Globe, but the set also stands up on its own as a superbly-performed compilation of Elizabethan and Jacobean music – BBC Music Magazine

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The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Company, London

RELEASE DATE: 01/04/2006
BARCODE: 635212007723


1. La Montagnura Gasparo Zanetti arr. Lyons

2. Spwak gentlemen, what shall we do today? Various texts 1599-1626

3. Fanfare Arr. Lyons after Cesare Bendinelli

4. Hackney Clement Woodcock

5. If music be the food of love, play on ‘& funerals & ‘Enough, no more’ Orsino in Twelfth Night I.1/ Anthony Holborne

6. Chromatic Galliard Thomas Simpson

7. Is she that Marchants wife? West 1608

8. King Richard’s Flourish Arr. Lyons after Cesare Bendinelli

9. When he doth hold conference upon the stage Cocke 1615

10. England, bound in with the triumphant seas’ & Robin is to the Greenwood Gone John of Gaunt in Richard II, II.1/ Anon arr. Lyons

11. Galliard 12 Holborne

12. Torch Pavan (Passe et Medio/La Venissienne) Susato/Gervaise, arr. Lyon

13. But soft! What light’ & Romeo in Love (Lull me beyonf thee) Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, II.2 / Playford, arr. Lyon

14. Piva Joan Ambrosio Dalza, arr. Lyons

15. Sit in a full Theater, and you will thinke Anon, poss. Webster 1615

16. When let but Falstaffe come Digges 1623

17. Give me some music’ & My Earl of Essex’s Galliard Orsino in Twelfth Night II.4 / Dowland

18. New-yeeres gift Holborne

19. Don Pedro’s Mask (Paduana del re) Anon Italy 16c

20. Hero’s Music (Sonata Duodecima s. La Bergamasca) Salamone Rossi 1642

21. A Play is like a sinke in a Towne Crosse 1603

22. Fortune my Foe Anon, arr. Lyons

23. For within the hollow crown King Richard in Richard II, III.2

24. Patiencia Holborne

25. Drums, flourish, colours Arr. Lyons after Cesare Bendinelli

26. We are amazed King Richard in Richard II, III.2

27. Muy Linda Holborne

28. The quick eares of Jonson 1609

29. Hey, Robin William Cornish

30. Heart’s-ease Anon, arr. Takeuchi

31. The God of Love (Gentil Madonna) Anon, Italy 16c

32. Pardon Goddess (Adoramus te Senor) Francisco de la Torre, arr. Lyons

33. Oft have I seene him, leap into the Grave Funeral Elegy for Richard Burbage 1619

34. Belle gui tiens ma vie Arr. Lyons after Thionet Arbeau

35. I have been studying how I may compare King Richard in Richard II, V.5

36. On the Cold Ground Arr. Lyons after Playford

37. That hand shall burn King Richard in Richard II, V.5

38. Mille Regretz Tilman Susato

39. Battle Jig (Pavane de la Bataille) Arr. Lyons after Susato

40. The world’s a Theatre Francis Quarles 1630


1. Vecchie Letrose Adrian Willaert Venice 1545

2. Lavolto arr. McGowan after Morley

3. Sharpe Pavan Ferrabosco II

4. Bobbing Joan Playford

5. Almayne Holborne

6. Paules Steeple Anon

7. Bonny Sweet Robin McGowan

8. Ballo Francese & Schiarazula Marazula Giorgio Mainerio 1578 arr. Lyons

9. Ungerische and auch Bauern Danntz/Ein feines Tantzlein arr. McGowan after Augsburg/Linz Organ tablature

10. A Pollish Vilanell Tobias Hume

11. Fandango after Santiago de Murcia

12. Bransle de la Torche Michael Praetorius 1612

13. Ladie lie neer mee/Bobbing Joe/ Stingo after Weymyss Lute Book/ Playford/ Playford

14. Chorea Polonica no. 4/ Alia Hungarica Chorea no. 32 arr. McGowan after Vietoris Codex

15. The Cushion Dance arr. McGowan after Playford

16. Mariana’s Song/ Take, o take those lips away arr. Van Kampen/ McGowan after Vietoris Codex

17. Jota Tarantella after Santiago de Murcia

18. Tant que vivray after Claudin de Sermisy

19. Lachrimae Pavin arr. Morley after Dowland

20. The Batchelars delight Richard Allison

21. Loves Farewell Tobias Hume

22. My Lord of Oxenfords Maske arr. Morley after Byrd

23. Vilian de Spagna Hieronymus Kapsberger c. 1640

24. Lavolto Morley

25. Galliard 24 Holborne

26. Pavan Dolorosa Peter Philips

27. Galliard Dolorosa Philips

28. El tu tu Anon 16c arr. Lyons

29. Mount on horseback / The Scot’s March after Rogers’s Virginals Book

30. Lachrymae Pavaen Johann Schop after Dowland

31. Mount on horseback / Prince Rupert’s March after Rogers’s Virginals Book

32. Heaven and Earth Anon

33. St George for England’ & The Battle of Boroughbrisge King Edward in Edward II, III.3 arr. McGowan after Byrd

34. In the midst of life we are in death after Merbecke

35. So, bring us to our palace’ & Final Jig & Playout The Duke in Measure for Measure, V.1

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