Verdi: Falstaff


Verdi’s timeless masterpiece brought up to date in a hilarious new English version, shot on and around a golf course.

At a golf club near Windsor, “Big John” Falstaff props up the bar at the nineteenth hole, (the member’s bar) which is where he is invariably to be found. He doesn’t actually play golf, because no-one wants to play with him – and anyway he’s probably too plump to make it beyond the first green. However he takes comfort in the fact that his bar bill is about to be settled, and all he has to do to achieve this extraordinary feat is to seduce the lovely Alice Ford, a task that he considers himself eminently qualified to undertake. As the big man blunders from one catastrophe to another and the plot races towards its uproarious conclusion, Tony Britten’s trademark wit and accessibility perfectly compliments Verdi’s glorious comedy.

Includes behind the scenes documentary.

DVD Region 0 – PAL or NTSC Format

Running time – 1.56.24



Ian Jervis John Falstaff

Jan Hartley Alice Ford

Julian Forsyth Francis Ford QC

Simon Butteriss Doctor Cajus 

Daniel Gillingwater Bardolph

Simon Masterton Smith Pistol

Marilyn Cutts Mrs Quickly

Rosamund Shelley Meg Page

Katie Lovell Nanetta Ford  

Andy Morton Fenton

RELEASE DATE: 25/08/2008
BARCODE: 635212000199

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