Un’alma innamorata: A soul in love


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The emergence of the basso continuo (or “figured bass”) was one of the critical moments in this history of music. Figured bass, upon which a keyboard player or lutenist could improvise harmony, meant that a single musician could provide the necessary harmonies which would previously have needed several players. In the early part of the seventeenth century, large numbers of extremely virtuosic solo motets and sonatas started to appear. The combination of solo voice with one instrument and continuo was quite common, and pieces with violin were the most common of all.

This new collection from Cordaria features cantatas for soprano, violin and basso continuo, written by composers including Samuel Capricornus, Dietrich Buxtehude, Antonio Vivaldi , Georg Phillipp Telemann and Georg Frederic Handel.


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“The playing is expert…Walter Reiter proves himself a dynamic yet sensitive soloist”

International Record Review, March 2001


“Reiter is thoughtful, reflective and poetic…his performances are stylish, idiomatic and vivid”

BBC Music Magazine, February 2002


“Praise cannot be too high for Cordaria…”

Ludwigvanweb May 2002

Linda Perillo (Soprano) with

directed by Walter Reiter

Release date:10th Mar 2003
Order code:SIGCD033
Barcode: 635212003329

Early Music Forum of Scotland News

This clever selection of repertoire opens with a number of works which customarily fall between the cracks. The music by Samuel Capricornus, Tarquinio Merula, Dietrich Buxtehude and Daniel Purcell more than justifies its inclusion, and as with the more familiar repertoire by Vivaldi, Handel and Telemann which follows, it is radiantly and intelligently sung by Linda Pedrillo. She is ably supported by Cordario under the direction of Walter Reiter, whose obligato violin playing is also beautifully expressive. A wide range of continuo instruments ensures a constantly varying textures and the whole venture is underpinned by a delightful freshness and musicality.


D James Ross

  1. Surrexit pastor bonus – Samuel Capricornus – [4.13]
  2. Cantate Jubilate – Tarquinio Merula – [4:09]
  3. Singet dem Herrn – Dietrich Buxtehude – [8:26]
  4. Amintas – Daniel Purcell – [5:48]
  5. Lungi dal vago volto – Recitative – Antonio Vivaldi – [1:53]
  6. – Aria – Antonio Vivaldi – [7:07]
  7. – Recitative – Antonio Vivaldi – [0:43]
  8. – Aria – Antonio Vivaldi – [4:13]
  9. Un?alma innamorata – Recitative and Aria – Georg Frederic Handel – [7:36]
  10. – Recitative – Georg Frederic Handel – [0:24]
  11. – Aria – Georg Frederic Handel – [4:37]
  12. – Recitative – Georg Frederic Handel – [0:17]
  13. – Aria – Georg Frederic Handel – [1:56]
  14. Gott will Mensch und sterblich werden – Aria – Georg Philipp Telemann – [3:46]
  15. – Recitative – Georg Philipp Telemann – [1:45]
  16. – Aria – Georg Philipp Telemann – [2:10]

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