Two Upon a Ground


Two Upon a Ground explores the peculiarly English approach to writing instrumental variations known as ‘divisions’. The style is principally known for the way it enables a player to demonstrate both a virtuosic command of the instrument and an imaginative understanding of the musical possibilities inherent in a short musical phrase.

The repertoire heard here is begins with the undisputed master of the genre, Christopher Simpson, and continues with further virtuosic duets and divisions by Jenkins, Lawes, Tomkins and Purcell.

A sunny disposition enhanced by an excellent recorded sound – Gramophone

Just buy it! It is all beautifully played – Early Music Review

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RELEASE DATE: 01/09/1998
BARCODE: 635212000724

1. Division in F Christopher Simpson

Suite in G

William Lawes

2. Pavan

3. Ayre 1

4. Ayre 2

5. Prelude Thomas Tomkins

6. What if a Day Thomas Tomkins 

7. Worster brawls Thomas Tomkins 

8. Pavan Tobias Hume

9. Two in one upon a Ground Henry Purcell 

10. Loves farewell Tobias Hume 

11. Sonata solo in G Godfrey Finger 

12. Division in G Christopher Simpson

13. Division in A Christopher Simpson 

14. Voluntary Thomas Tomkins 

15. Division in F Christopher Simpson 

16. Division in C Godfrey Finger 

17. Division in C John Jenkins 

18. La pompe funebre Ennemond Gaultier 

19. Fantazia  Matthew Locke 

20. Courant Matthew Locke

21. Division in A John Jenkins

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