Thomas Tallis: The Complete Works – Volume 9


Signum Records are delighted to present the final volume of The Complete Works of Thomas Tallis.

The final release explores the most obscure and enigmatic corner of Tallis’s output – his secular music. His profession as church musician and member of the Chapel Royal did not require him to write secular songs or pieces, yet some works may have been written for the Tudor court. Other works are thought to have been written for generations of choir boys, who were assisted with their training by the composer. Plays and performances outside of the choirboy’s obligation were popular, as well as instrumental consort music and keyboard pieces associated with their training. Tallis is likely to have been given the opportunity to write his secular works for these occasions.

Tallis’s music was admired and used by others far beyond the Chapel Royal and the court. Some of his intended sacred choral works are included on this recording in other guises, arranged by musicians with performance intentions very different to that of the church. His reputation of greatness amongst his friends and contemporaries is reflected in William Byrd’s elegy Ye sacred muses, where he echoes the sentiments of others with the words “Tallis is dead, and Music dies”. This musical tribute has justifiably become one of Byrd’s most popular works.

Volume 9 of The Complete Works is a double CD release, marking the end of this popular series. Alistair Dixon has realised the project, and directed his choir Chapelle du Roi throughout the earlier volumes. Musicians featured on this final disc are: Andrew Benson-Williams (organ), Laurence Cummings (virginals), the ensemble Charivari Agréable, Lynda Sayce (lute), and Stephen Taylor (counter tenor).

Lynda Sayce contributes an astonishing performance …  the very simple and pure interpretation by Stephen Taylor is most affecting – Early Music America

Laurence Cummings [brings the] music wonderfully to life – BBC Music Magazine

This recording is a collection of delights … including the smooth sound of Stephen Taylor’s countertenor voice. …  a splendid final offering by Chapelle du Roe – Gramophone

With the issue of this double CD, we reach the triumphant conclusion of one of the most fascinating and enjoyable complete works projects of recent timesEarly Music Scotland

A successful conclusion to the series, containing a good deal of previously unrecorded music – Early Music Today


Charivari Agrèable

RELEASE DATE: 01/11/04
BARCODE: 635212004227

1. In nomine I

2. In nomine II

3. A Solfing Song

4. Salvator Mundi (trio)

5. Fantasia

6. Felix namque II

7. Felix namque I

8. When shall my sorrowful sighing slack

9. Like as the doleful dove

10. O ye tender babes

11. Purge me, O Lord

12. Per haec nos

13. A Point

14. Lesson: two partes in one

15. Remember not, O Lord God

16. Per haec nos

17. A Point

18. Lesson: two partes in one

19. Tu nimirum

20. When shall my sorrowful sighing slack

21. Like as the doleful dove

22. O ye tender babes

23. Ye sacred muses (Byrd)

24. Litany

25. Verset I

26. Verset II

27. Felix namque I

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