The World Encompassed


During his journey to circumnavigate the globe Sir Francis Drake took four viol players with him, who played both for his devotions and to the native peoples around the world that they encountered.

Fretwork have commissioned British composer Orlando Gough to recreate this remarkable journey in sound, in a work for viol consort that combines music from 16th century England with the ‘sounds’ that these musicians would have heard and perhaps tried to recreate on their journey – from the rebab and the gamelan to the mesmerising chanting of the Native Americans. The result is a musical narrative of one of the most significant achievements of the English golden age and an evocation of the earliest musical encounters between east and west.

This premiere recording is interspersed with narration from The World Encompassed, one of the first literary accounts of the journey, read by Simon Callow.

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Orlando Gough


Simon Callow narrator

RELEASE DATE: 02/06/2017
BARCODE: 635212045329


1. Introduction Anonymous

2. Leaving Plymouth Francis Drake

3. The Song Called Trumpets Orlando Gough

4. Preserve Us O Lord John Taverner

5. Mogador Francis Drake

6. Berbers Francis Drake

7. In Nomine Orlando Gough

8. Nuno de Silva Francis Drake

9. Cape Verde Orlando Gough

10. Maio Santiago Fogo Francis Drake 

11. Crossing the Atlantic Orlando Gough

12. Fortune my Foe Francis Drake

13. Port Desire: Patagonian Indians Robert White

14. Berimbau Orlando Gough

15. Port Julian Anonymous

16. In Nomine Robert Parsons

17. Terra Incognita Anonymous

18. The Complaint of a Sinner Francis Drake


1. De La Court Orlando Gough

2. Preserve us Lord Francis Drake

3. Cacafuego Orlando Gough

4. The Spanish Main Orlando Gough

5. Albion Francis Drake

6. Miwok Indians Orlando Gough

7. Crossing the Pacific Francis Drake

8. Ternate Innocentio Alberti

9. Moors Francis Drake

10. Musical Paradise Picforth

11. Pavin Orlando Gough

12. Java Orlando Gough

13. In Nomine Francis Drake

14. Gamelan Anonymous

15. Rounding the Cape of Good Hope Robert Parsons

16. Reaching Plymouth Francis Drake

17. Psalm 100 Anonymous

18. The Song Called Trumpets Robert Parsons

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