The Italian Concerto & The French Overture


Signum Records presents the second volume of Lucy Carolan’s recordings of Bach’s keyboard music consisting of works from Volumes two, three and four of his “Clavierübung”. Volume two contains the popular Italian Concerto and French Overture and concentrates on the number “two” – two pieces, two keys, two modes, two nations (Italy and France) and a two-manual harpsichord.

The Italian Concerto is unique: a wholly original solo keyboard work written as if “transcribed” from a string original to which Bach adds strikingly new ideas expressly suited for harpsichord. Bach had acquired his knowledge of Italian repertoire early on by transcribing Vivaldi violin concertos for solo harpsichord around 1712-13.

The contrasting French Overture contains lighter dances from the court of Louis XIV such as the gavotte, the passepied and bourrée – all are dance forms which had been familiar to Bach from his childhood. The disc also includes duets from volume three and the Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue which, although unpublished during Bach’s lifetime, became an inspiration to subsequent generations of composers.

Dynamic playing by harpsichordist Lucy Carolan imbues these works with great spirit and verve – Shropshire Star

Solid musicianship and first class technique –



Lucy Carolan harpsichord

RELEASE DATE: 10/02/2003
BARCODE: 635212003022

Italian Concerto, BWV 971

1. Allegro

2. Andante

3. Presto

Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue, BWV 904

4. Fantasia

5. Fugue

Four Duets, BWV 802 – 805

6. Duet no.1 in E minor

7. Duet no.2 in F major

8. Duet no.3 in G major

9. Duet no.4 in A minor

French Overture, BWV 831

10. Ouverture

11. Courante

12. Gavotte I – Gavotte II – Gavotte I

13. Passepied I – Passepied II – Passepied I

14. Sarabande

15. Bourree I – Bourree II – Bourree I

16. Gigue

17. Echo

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