The Division Flute


Described by the London music publisher as ‘Very Improvei ng and Delightful to all lovers of that instrument’ The First Part of the Division Flute was originally issued for the Baroque treble recorder in 1705.

Murphy’s love of the recorder inspired her to record some of the best known recorder music, as well as some of the most neglected, from a collection that has never been fully recorded before. A fantastic disc of musicians at the forefront of early music today.

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Emma Murphy

RELEASE DATE: 28/07/2008
BARCODE: 635212012529

Part 1

1. Reading’s Ground

2. Pauls Steeple – a division on a Ground

3. Faronells Ground

4. Old Simon the King

5. Tollet’s Ground

6. Green sleeves to a Ground

7. Johney Cock thy Beavor

8. A Division on a Ground

9. A Division on a Ground by Mr Eccles

10. A Division on a Ground by Mr Finger

11. A Division on a Ground by Mr Banister

Part 2

12. A Ground by Mr Finger

13. A Division to a Ground by Mr Solomon Eccles

14. A Division on a Ground

15. A Ground by Me Solomon Eccles

16. A Division on a Ground

17. An Italian Ground

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