The Captive Nightingale


German romantic rarities for soprano, clarinet and piano

Australian soprano Elena Xanthoudakis joins forces with Jason Xanthoudakis and Clemens Leske to perform some lost gems of the Romantic chamber music and leider repertoire – featuring works by composers including Lachner, Späth, Proch, Lindtpaintner and Kalliwoda.




What people are saying

"Greek-Australian soprano Elena Xanthoudakis’s performances are as clear as a mountain spring." The Irish Times, March 2016

"Xanthoudakis’ voice throughout is exceptional, and masters the intricacies of the atmospheric changes in each ‘story’ within the pieces. If you are someone who likes Romantic works and would like to hear some lost gems, then this is definitely something for you." NE:MM, March 2016

"an off-the-beaten-track album that will please any discriminating canary fanciers" Classic FM, March 2016

"The majority of works on the disc are charmingly lyrical…Elena Xanthoudakis shows a lovely combination of pin sharp accuracy in the more florid passages and a lovely sense of line" Planet Hugill, March 2016

"Each track seems to be more lovely than the next, and it has a lot to do with the artists here, a real ‘Rolls-Royce’ of a voice here, she’s able to do anything that she wants, beautifully matched by the burnished sound of her clarinettist, really first-class music-making." BBC Radio 3 Record Review, May 2016

Elena Xanthoudakis Soprano

Jason Xanthoudakis Clarinet

Clemens Leske Piano

Release date:22nd Jan 2016
Order code:SIGCD398
Barcode: 635212039823

  1. Alpenlied | Song of the Alps – Andreas Spath – 3.31
  2. Das Muhlrad | The Mill Wheel – Conrad Kreutzer – 5.06
  3. Schweitzers Heimweh | Homesick for Switzerland – Heinrich Proch – 5.00
  4. Die Gefangene Nachtigall | The Captive Nightingale – Heinrich Proch – 5.02
  5. Heimathlied | Home Song – Johann Baptist Wenzel Kalliwoda – 4.03
  6. Seit ich ihn gesehen | Ever Since I Saw Him – Franz Lachner – 4.54
  7. Er, der Herrlichste von allen | He, the Noblest of All – Franz Lachner – 4.44
  8. Romanze Romance | Helen’s Air – Franz Schubert – 3.24
  9. Der Hirt auf dem Felsen | The Shepherd on the Rock – Franz Schubert – 12.16
  10. Meine Heimat | My Homeland – Johan Sobeck – 4.51
  11. Der Sennin Heimweh | The Homesick Milkmaid – Johann Baptist Wenzel Kalliwoda – 4.53
  12. Der Hirt und das Meerweib – Peter von Lindtpaintner – 7.02
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