Literally meaning ‘rooster song’ or ‘cock crow’, Gallicantus takes its name from monastic antiquity; the name of the office held just before dawn, it was a ceremony which evoked the renewal of life offered by the coming day. Dedicated to renaissance music and directed by Gabriel Crouch, the membership of this early music group boasts a wealth of experience in consort singing.

Renowned for their critically-acclaimed and researched programmes, Gallicantus present Sibylla. At the heart of the programme is Orlandus Lassus’s 16th Century Prophetiae Sibyllarum, which sets to music the texts of ancient Sibylline prophecies telling of the coming of Christ.

One of the composer’s most renowned and celebrated works, it is performed alongside settings by the ‘Sibyl of the Rhine’ Hildegard von Bingen, as well contemporary responses to Lassus’s work. Dmitri Tymoczko’s Prophetiae Sibyllarum sets poems by Jeff Dolven which recast the sibyls’ role: this time to the teller of grim truths of present life in post-industrial America. As an epilogue the album finishes with Elliot Cole’s ‘I saw you under the fig tree’ (part of his suite Visions) – a simple 4-part setting beneath an extraordinary countertenor glissando, setting Jesus Christ’s response to Nathaniel.

★★★★★ The extraordinary Gallicantus sing with micrometrical precise articulation and flawless pitching – Choir and Organ

This CD is evidence of an intimate understanding of this challenging music and is as fine an account of the score as has been committed to CD to date – Early Music Review

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Gabriel Crouch director

RELEASE DATE: 25/05/2018


BARCODE: 635212052020

Prophetiae Sibyllarum Orlandus Lassus

1. Carmina Chromatico

2.  O Pastor animarum Hildegard von Bingen

Prophetiae Sibyllarum Orlandus Lassus

3. Sibylla Persica

4. Sibylla Libyca

5. Sibylla Delphica

6. Sibylla Cimmeria

Prophetiae Sibyllarum Dmitri Tymoczko

7. Sibylla Baltimoris

8. Sibylla Clevelandiae

9. Sibylla Chicagonis

10. Sibylla Washingtonii

11. Sibylla Philadelphiae

12. Sibylla Camdenis

Prophetiae Sibyllarum Orlandus Lassus

13. Sibylla Samia

14. Sibylla Cumana

15. Sibylla Hellespontica

16. Sibylla Phrygia

17. Laus Trinitati Hildegard von Bingen

Prophetiae Sibyllarum Orlandus Lassus

18. Sibylla Europaea

19. Sibylla Tiburtina

20. Sibylla Erythraea

21. Sibylla Agrippa

Visions Elliot Cole

22. I Saw You Under The Fig Tree

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