Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart


Naji Hakim has established himself as a performer and composer whose works are indelibly tied to his Christian faith. Recognised with a papal medal for his activities, these pieces are drawn from the span of his compositional career, combining organ music with string quartet and solo soprano.

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Quatuor de la Chapelle Royale
Rima Tawil soprano
Jean-Philippe Kuzma violin
Naji Hakim organ

RELEASE DATE: 25/04/2011
BARCODE: 635212024522


1. I.

2. II.

3. III.

4. IV.

5. V.

6. VI.

7. VII.

8. VIII.

9. IX.

10. X.

11. Magnificat

Variations on Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern

12. I. Largo

13. II. Larghetto

14. III. Allegro con spirito

15. Set Me As A Seal Upon your Heart

16. Capriccio 

17. Amazing Grace

18. Die Taube  

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