Ravel: Mother Goose, La valse


Contrasting pieces by two masters of orchestral composition, these live performances capture the energy and movement of three much-loved balletic works; Ravel’s intricate vignettes of childrens’ stories in Mother Goose and ‘choreographic poem’ La valse, and Stravinsky’s epoch-defining Rite of Spring.

One of the oldest professional orchestras in Russia, the St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra can trace its lineage back to 1882 and its formation by Tsar Alexander III. In a 25-year collaboration, Yuri Temirkanov has been the orchestra’s principal conductor since 1988.

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St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Yuri Temirkanov

RELEASE DATE: 29/04/2013
BARCODE: 635212033029

Mother Goose

Maurice Ravel

1. I. The Sleeping Beauty’s Pavanne

2. II. Hop-o’-my-thumb

3. III. Laideronnette, Empress of the Pagodas

4. IV. Conversations of Beauty and the Beast

5. V. The Fairy Garden

6. La valse Maurice Ravel

The Rite of Spring

Igor Stravinsky

7. Part I: Introduction

8. Part I: Augers of Spring, Dances of the Young Girls

9. Part I: Ritual of Abduction

10. Part I: Spring Rounds

11. Part I: Ritual of the Rival Tribes

12. Part I: Procession of the Sage

13. Part I: The Sage, Dance of the Earth

14. Part II: Introduction

15. Part II: Mystic Circles of the Young Girls

16. Part II: Glorification of the Chosen One

17. Part II: Evocation of the Ancestors

18. Part II: Ritual Action of the Ancestors

19. Part II: Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)

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