Ragtime & Blue


Signum Classics are proud to release Elena Kats-Chernin debut disc on Signum Classics.

This production was made in conjunction with Boosey & Hawkes, Music Publishers Ltd.

Elena Kats-Chernin is a composer who defies categorisation and is probably best summed up as a force of nature. Her prodigious imagination has produced a vast body of work, unparalleled in range, drawing from all the musical traditions of the past and present. A virtuosic pianist and improviser, her compositions flow from her like a fountain.

This CD is drawn from the small works she often writes for her own enjoyment – a cornucopia of rags, blues and heart-melting melodies. These small vessels of fine feelings offer an intimate view into the composer’s heart.

Heart-meltingly beautiful – Classic FM Magazine

A delightful and enjoyable disc – Limelight

 iTUNES  Spotify

Sarah Nicolls piano

Nicola Sweeney violin

RELEASE DATE: 09/05/2005
BARCODE: 635212005828

1. Alexander Rag

2. Green Leaf Prelude

3. Russian Rag

4. Get Well Rag

5. Blue Rose

6. Eliza’s Aria

7. Backstage Rag

8. Birthday Rag

9. Brothers

10. Peggy’s Minute Rag

11. Reflections

12. Coctail Rag

13. Butterflying

14. Sunday Rag

15. Nostalgic Piece

16. Bucharian Melody

17. Revolving Doors

18. Suburban Rag

19. Sapphire Rag

20. Tranquil Interlude

21. Mute Princess

22. Slicked Back Tango

23. Removalist Rag

24. Melancholic Piece

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