Gallicantus perform music surrounding the fascinating yet tragic story of Queen Mary Tudor’s ‘phantom pregnancy’. On 30th April 1555 the city of London celebrated the birth of a healthy male heir, but abruptly ceased the next day after the news was revealed to be nothing but rumour. There was to be no heir, with gossip and speculation surrounding the tale of Mary’s pregnancy from that day onwards.

The music performed here resonates with the circumstances of the mid-1550s, including items composed outside of Mary’s reign; from the royal ceremonies in which Mary participated as queen, and music directly tied to the specific events of 1554-5. This includes a newly-reconstructed Litany which was performed during Mary’s assumed pregnancy. The viewpoint shifts from the streets of London and its suburbs, through the ceremonial grandeur of the royal palaces and their chapels, to the intimacy of the Privy Chamber itself.
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Gabriel Crouch director

RELEASE DATE: 03/02/2017
BARCODE: 635212046425

1. Pater noster Philip van Wilder

2. Exsurge Christe William Mundy

3. Peccavimus cum patribus Christopher Tye

4. Te spectant, Reginalde, Poli Orlande de Lassus

5. Like as the doleful dove Thomas Tallis

6. New Ballad of the Marigold anon. (text by William Forrest)

7. Fansye Anthony Newman

8. Sarum Litany after Thomas Tallis

9. O sacrum convivium Thomas Tallis

10. Quod chorus vatum Thomas Tallis

11. Christi virgo dilectissima John Sheppard

12. Deus misereatur John Sheppard

13. When shall my sorrowful sighing slack Thomas Tallis

14. Vain, all our life I John Sheppard

15. Martyr Dei qui unicum John Sheppard

16. Loquebantur variis linguis Thomas Tallis

17. Libera nos, salva nos John Sheppard

18. Vain, all our life II John Sheppard

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