Signum Records is delighted to announce that the ensemble Concerto delle Donne will release their first disc on Signum Records in 2003. The disc will feature the cantatas and motets of Giacomo Carissimi.

Carissimi is sometimes thought of as a “one-work composer” known to the average music-lover only for his oratorio Jephte. Choral Societies looking for 17th century music earlier than Purcell are therefore likely to choose Jephte.

Alastair Ross first became interested in Carissimi’s music for the 3-soprano Concerto delle Donne line-up when he was asked to prepare a programme “Handel and his predecessors in Italy” for the 1977 Göttingen Festival. A review of Carissimi’s oeuvre showed that there were several pieces by Carissimi in the library of Christ Church Oxford just waiting to be performed by the group! He chose the cantata Siam tre miseri piangenti which has become a regular item in their concerts and which is central to this recording. It’s a marvellous piece, full of pain, suffering and anger. The three voices really are equal in the way they intertwine and react to one another. Donna Deam’s solo Piangete and Gill Ross’ and Elin Thomas’s duet Ahi, non torna are similar in mood. Maybe in our cynical 21st century we find it difficult to relate to these highly emotional, self-obsessed, texts, but there’s no denying that they inspired some wonderful music! Va dimanda al mio pensiero’ and Si dia bando, alla speranza are lighter in mood – both attractive, tuneful pieces.

There is plenty of variety in the church music as well. Cum reverteretur David, which begins the CD, is brilliant and virtuosic, a dramatic account of the rivalry between David and Saul. The duet Exulta, gaude, filia Sion is a joyful celebration of Christmas. In Benedictus Deus et Pater the voices weave rich dissonances to convey the suffering of the text; there’s something of the mood of Allegri’s Miserere here.

In addition to the vocal pieces the disc includes a set of variations by Frescobaldi and Michelangelo Rossi’s flamboyant and chromatic Toccata Settima for harpsichord, together with Kapspereger’s charming improvisations for chittarone.

We believe that only one of the Carissimi pieces on this CD, Exulta, gaude, filia Sion, has been recorded before, so the disc will be an important event in the recorded-music world, and one which we hope will revive interest in this unjustly neglected composer.

★★★★ An impressive release – Choir & Organ

An important and rewarding release – Early Music Review

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Concerto Delle Donne

RELEASE DATE: 19/05/2003
BARCODE: 635212004029

1. Motet, Cum reverteretur David Giacomo Carissimi

2. Motet, Benedictus Deus et Pater Giacomo Carissimi

3. Parte sopra lamonicha Girolamo Frescobaldi

4. Motet, Exulta, gaude, filia Sion Giacomo Carissimi

5. Toccata XI Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger

6. Cantata, Va dimanda al mio pensiero Giacomo Carissimi

7. Prelude XI Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger

8. Motet, O dulcissimum Mariae nomen Giacomo Carissimi

9. Cantata, Siam tre miseri piangenti Giacomo Carissimi

10. Toccata, Settima Michelangelo Rossi

11. Motet, Surrexit pastor bonus Giacomo Carissimi

12. Cantata, Ahi, non torna Giacomo Carissimi

13. Cantata, Piangete, ohime piangete Giacomo Carissimi

14. Prelude X Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger

15. Cantata, Si dia bando, alla speranza Giacomo Carissimi

16. Motet, Omnes gentes gaudete cum victore Giacomo Carissimi

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