A programme of concert arias by Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven

Leading British soprano Sophie Bevan performs a sumptuous programme of concert arias by Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven. Bevan is accompanied on this new recording by The Mozartists, recently launched by Ian Page’s internationally renowned period ensemble Classical Opera as an expansion of its continuing exploration of Mozart and his contemporaries.

Complementing Classical Opera’s ongoing recording series of the complete operas of Mozart, the creation of The Mozartists reflects the group’s expanding repertoire and ambitious plans, and they can be heard in concert from September 2017.

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Sophie Bevan soprano
The Mozartists
Ian Page conductor

RELEASE DATE: 05/05/2017
BARCODE: 635212048528

Scena di Berenice , Hob.XXIVa


1-2. Recitativo, “Berenice, che fai?”*

3. Aria, “Non partir, bell’idol mio”

4. Recitativo, “Me infelice! Che fingo?”

5. Aria, “Perché, se tanti siete”

“Oh, temerario Arbace… Per quel paterno amplesso”, K.79


6. Recitativo, “Oh, temerario Arbace!”

7. Aria, “Per quel paterno amplesso”

“No, non turbati… Ma tu tremi, o mio tesoro?”, WoO 92a


8. Recitativo, “No, non turbati, o Nice”

9. Aria, “Ma tu tremi, o mio tesoro?”

“Basta, vincesti… Ah, non lasciarmi, no”, K.486a/295a


10. Recitativo, “Basta, vincesti, eccoti il foglio”

11. Aria, “Ah, non lasciarmi, no”

12. “Solo e pensoso”, Hob.XXIVb:20 Haydn 

“Ah, lo previdi… Ah, t’invola agl’occhi miei”, K.272


13. Recitativo, “Ah, lo previdi!”

14. Aria, “Ah, t’invola agl’occhi miei”

15. Recitativo, “Misera! Invan m’adiro”

16. Cavatina, “Deh, non varcar quell’onda”

“Bella mia fiamma… Resta, o cara”, K.528


17. Recitativo, “Bella mia fiamma, addio”

18. Aria, “Resta, o cara”

“Ah! perfido”, Op.65


19. Recitativo, “Ah! perfido”

20. Aria, “Per pietà, non dirmi addio”

21. Allegro assai, “Ah crudel! tu vuoi ch’io mora!

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