A seductive and fascinating disc for fans of contemporary music, this collection of works for Bassoon with choir and orchestra feature works by British composer Stephen Frost and Norwegian composer Kjell Mørk Karlsen.

The disc’s title work Parapraxis, for solo bassoon and choir, melds together a mix of sacred latin text and secular English poetry, pushing and playing with the illusory ‘boundary’ that seems to exist between the two. The other two works – Frost’s Bassoon Concerto and Karlsen’s Serenata – are beguiling and stimulating pieces that show off the talents of Norwegian bassoonist Sigyn Birkeland and the Belarusian State Chamber Orchestra.

In demand as a soloist, Sigyn Birkeland has been Principal Bassoon in the Norwegian Radio Orchestra since 1992. She continues to champion the instrument by commissioning, performing and recording new works for the instrument in a variety of unique ensembles and settings.



Sigyn Birkeland, bassoon

Belarusian State Chamber Orchestra 
Ingo Ernst Reihl, conductor
Ensemble 96 
Øystein Fevang, conductor 
Parapraxis & Bassoon Concerto – Stephen Frost 
Seranata – Kjell Mørk Karlsen

Release date:22nd Jun 2012
Order code:SIGCD258
Barcode: 635212025826

  1. Parapraxis: i. Pie Jesu – Stephen Frost (b. 1959) – 6.50
  2. Parapraxis: ii. De Profundis – Stephen Frost (b. 1959) – 8.57
  3. Parapraxis: iii. In Paradisum – Stephen Frost (b. 1959) – 4.40
  4. Concerto for Bassoon: Allegro Moderato – Stephen Frost (b. 1959) – 6.03
  5. Concerto for Bassoon: Lento – Stephen Frost (b. 1959) – 14.30
  6. Concerto for Bassoon: Allegro – Stephen Frost (b. 1959) – 6.23
  7. Serenata per fagotto e archi Op. 113: Lento espressivo e Deciso – Kjell M?rk Karlsen (b. 1947) – 5.41
  8. Serenata per fagotto e archi Op. 113: Lento – Kjell M?rk Karlsen (b. 1947) – 5.32
  9. Serenata per fagotto e archi Op. 113: Vivo – Kjell M?rk Karlsen (b. 1947) – 6.32
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