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Internationally-renowned chamber choir Tenebrae return with a new collection of British part songs and choral works. As well as being a celebration of compositions by British composers, the disc also marks Shakespeare’s anniversary year with a selection of works based on his texts, including the much loved works by Vaughan Williams and a lesser-known set by Herbert Murrill. Perhaps the least recognisable composer name on this disc, Murrill (1909-1952) is one of a select group of composers who – through war or ill-health – died at a tragically young age and whose works were subsequently neglected during the second half of the century.

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Nigel Short conductor

Martha McLorinan mezzo-soprano

RELEASE DATE: 30/09/2016
BARCODE: 635212090428

Two Songs from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Herbert Murrill

1. O Mistress Mine

2. Come Away, Death

3. Autumn Frank Bridge

4. Music, When Soft Voices Die Frank Bridge

5. The Bee Frank Bridge

Three Shakespeare Songs

Ralph Vaughan Williams

6. Full Fathom Five

7. The Cloud-Capp’d Towers

8. Over Hill, Over Dale

Four Part-Songs, Op. 54

Edward Elgar

9. There is Sweet Music

10. Deep in My Soul

11. O Wild, West Wind

12. Owls

13. Soft Music Ernest Walker

14. The Drowned Lovers Judith Bingham

15. The Blue Bird, Op. 119 Charles Villiers Stanford

16. On Time, Op. 142 Charles Villiers Stanford

17. Song of June Jonathan Harvey 

The Modern Man I Sing

Bob Chilcott

18. The Runner

19. The Last Invocation

20. Ones-Self I Sing

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