Mozart: Zaide


Continuing the company’s critically acclaimed complete cycle of Mozart operas on Signum Classics is the release of Zaide. One of very few of Mozart’s works to be written without a commission, Mozart completed fifteen numbers before abandoning the work to fulfil the commission for Idomeneo. These include two searing melodramas, some superb ensembles and a sequence of arias including the celebrated “Ruhe sanft”.

Allan Clayton brings energy and definition to his singing… Excellent sound – BBC Music Magazine

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Classical Opera

Ian Page conductor

RELEASE DATE: 16/09/2016
BARCODE: 635212047323

1. Thamos, König in Ägypten, K.345: Overture

Zaide, K. 344

2. No. 1, Coro: “Brüder, laßt uns lustig sein” (Vorsinger, Sklaven)

3. No. 2, Melologo: “Unerforschliche Fügung” (Gomatz)

4. No. 3, Aria: “Ruhe sanft, mein holdes Leben” (Zaide)

5. No. 4, Aria: “Rase, Schicksal, wüte immer” (Gomatz)

6. No. 5, Duetto: “Meine Seele hüpft vor Freuden” (Zaide, Gomatz)

7. No. 6, Aria: “Herr und Freund, wie dank’ ich dir” (Gomatz)

8. No. 7, Aria: “Nur mutig, mein Herze, versuche dein Glück” (Allazim)

9. No. 8, Terzetto: “O selige Wonne” (Zaide, Gomatz, Allazim)

10. No. 9a, Melologo: “Zaide entflohen” (Soliman)

11. No. 9, Aria: “Der stolze Löw läßt sich zwar zähmen” (Soliman)

12. No. 10, Aria: “Wer hungrig bei der Tafel sitzt” (Osmin)

13. No. 11, Aria: “Ich bin so bös’ als gut” (Soliman)

14. No. 12, Aria: “Trostlos schluchzet Philomele” (Zaide)

15. No. 13, Aria: “Tiger! wetze nur die Klauen” (Zaide)

16. No. 14, Aria: “Ihr Mächtigen seht ungerührt” (Allazim)

17. No. 15, Quartetto: “Freundin, stille deine Tränen” (Zaide, Gomatz, Soliman, Allazim)

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