Mozart : Il Re Pastore


The Mozartists continue their recording cycle of the complete operas of Mozart with Il Re Pastore – a youthful work that shines with the richness of its orchestration, its inexhaustible melodic inspiration and its dazzlingly ingenious score.

Disc of the Month: A major reason for the success of the series to date is the strong sense of ensemble Ian Page creates among his singers, with many of whom he works regularly…beautifully paced and sung, the ensemble is both directed and sung to near perfection – Opera Magazine

Effortlessly entertaining…so much zip and zest from the players – BBC Radio 3 CD Review

Classical Opera [treat] this work seriously on its own terms, and they reveal its many beauties with a touch of love – Music Web International

Performed with energy and spirit by Ian Page and his lively forces – The Sunday Times

Wonderful music so beautifully performed – Early Music Review

Mozart’s delightful early opera comes up fresh as new paint in this fleet, beautifully recorded new set – Classical Music Magazine

It is hard to imagine hearing another performance as convivial and life-affirming as this – Gramophone

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The Mozartists

Ian Page conductor 

RELEASE DATE: 02/10/2015
BARCODE: 635212043325


Il Re Pastore, K. 208

1. Overture

2. Act I Scene 1: No.1, Aria: “Intendo, amico rio” (Aminta)

3. Act I Scene 1: Recitativo: “Bella Elisa, idol mio” (Aminta, Elisa)

4. Act I Scene 1: No. 2, Aria: “Alla selva, al prato, al fonte” (Elisa)

5. Act I Scene 2: Recitativo: “Perdono, amici Dei” (Aminta, Agenore, Alessandro)

6. Act I Scene 2: No. 3, Aria: “Aer tranquillo e di sereni” (Aminta)

7. Act I Scene 3: Recitativo: “Or che dici, Alessandro?” (Agenore, Alessandro)

8. Act I Scene 3: No. 4, Aria: “Si spande al sole in faccia” (Alessandro)

9. Act I Scene 4: Recitativo: “Agenore? T’arresta” (Tamiri, Agenore)

10. Act I Scene 4: No. 5, Aria: “Per me rispondete” (Agenore)

11. Act I Scene 5: Recitativo: “No, voi non siete, o Dei” (Tamiri)

12. Act I Scene 5: No. 6, Aria: “Di tante sue procelle” (Tamiri)

13. Act I Scene 6: Recitativo: “Oh lieto giorno! oh me felice” (Elisa, Aminta)

14. Act I Scene 7: Recitativo: “Dal piu fedel vassallo” (Agenore, Elisa, Aminta)

15. Act I Scene 8: Recitativo: “Elisa! Aminta! E sogno?” (Aminta, Elisa)

16. Act I Scene 8: Recitativo accompagnato: “Che? m’affretti a lasciarti?” (Aminta, Elisa)

17. Act I Scene 8: No. 7, Duetto: “Vanne a regnar, ben mio” (Elisa, Aminta)

18. (Concert Version of No. 3 Aria): Recitativo: “Compagne amene” (Aminta)

19. (Concert Version of No. 3 Aria): Recitativo accompagnato: “Ditelo voi pastori” (Aminta)

20. (Concert Version of No. 3 Aria): No. 3, Aria: “Aer tranquillo e di? sereni” (Aminta)

21. Act II Scene 1: Recitativo: “Questa del campo greco” (Elisa, Agenore)


1. Act II Scene 1: No. 8, Aria: “Barbaro, oh Dio! mi vedi” (Elisa)

2. Act II Scene 2: Recitativo: “Nel gran cor d?Alessandro” (Agenore, Aminta)

3. Act II Scene 3: Recitativo: “Per qual ragione resta il re” (Alessandro, Aminta)

4. Act II Scene 4: Recitativo: “Or per la mia Tamiri” (Agenore, Alessandro)

5. Act II Scene 4: No. 9, Aria: “Se vincendo vi rendo felici” (Alessandro)

6. Act II Scene 5: Recitativo: “Oime! declina il sol” (Aminta)

7. Act II Scene 6: Recitativo: “E irresoluto ancora” (Agenore, Aminta)

8. Act II Scene 6: No.10, Rondeaux: “L?amero?, saro? costante” (Aminta)

9. Act II Scene 7: Recitativo: “Uscite, alfine uscite” (Agenore)

10. Act II Scene 8: Recitativo: “Ma senti, Agenore” (Elisa, Agenore)

11. Act II Scene 9: Recitativo: “Povera ninfa! io ti compiango” (Agenore, Tamiri)

12. Act II Scene 9: No.11, Aria: “Se tu di me fai dono” (Tamiri)

13. Act II Scene 10: Recitativo: “Misero cor!” (Agenore)

14. Act II Scene 10: No.12, Aria: “Sol puo? dir come si trova” (Agenore)

15. Act II Scene 11: No.13, Aria: “Voi, che fausti ognor donate” (Alessandro)

16. Act II Scene 11: Recitativo: “Ola?! che piu? si tarda?” (Alessandro, Tamiri, Agenore)

17. Act II Scene 12: Recitativo: “Ah giustizia, signor” (Elisa, Alessandro)

18. Act II Scene 13: Recitativo: “Signore, io sono Aminta” (Aminta, Alessandro, Agenore, Elisa, Tamiri)

19. Act II Scene 13: No. 14, Coro: “Viva l?invitto duce” (Elisa, Tamiri, Aminta, Agenore, Alessandro)

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