Mister Dowland’s Midnight


Swiss guitarist Christoph Denoth explores the enchanting lute music of John Dowland, in collection of his own arrangements made from Dowland’s original handwritten scores.

Christoph Denoth writes on the appeal of Dowland: “Dowland, the melancholic poet of the silvery sound of the lute, is free of any instrumental limitation that might have affected his compositions. The melodic and, at the same time, contrapuntal and harmonic approach of his music is both wonderful and unique. Its expression is one of noble sadness, melancholy, and tears, but the beauty is genuine and always caught my attention and appealed to my heart.”

The melancholy, private lute music by John Dowland gets an infusion of fresh color in this recording by Christoph Denoth. Transposed to the modern guitar, the light-and-shadow contrasts of Dowland’s compositions become starker; the flights of counterpoint more brilliant. But it’s in the quietly meditative galliards that Mr. Denoth’s guitar sounds most lutelike – The New York Times

It’s beautiful playing; there are real beautiful moments in the recording – BBC Radio 3 Record Review

The arrangements are superb –  Gramophone

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Christoph Denoth

RELEASE DATE: 02/06/2014
BARCODE: 635212038222

1. Mistress Winter’s Jump

2. Lady Rich, Her Galliard

3. Lord Strang’s March

4. A Fancy

5. Queen Elisabeth, Her Galliard

6. Preludium

7. Lachrimae Pavan

8. The Frog Galliard

9. My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home

10. A Coy Joy

11. Melancholy Galliard

12. Tarleton’s Resurrection

13. What If A Day

14. Fortune

15. My Lady Hunssdon’s Puffe

16. Captain Digorie Piper’s Galliard

17. The King of Denmark, His Galliard

18. Orlando Sleepeth

19. Round Battle Galliard

20. Sir John Smith, His Almain

21. The Shoemaker’s Wife

22. Mistress Nichols’ Almaine

23. Mistress White’s Nothing

24. Awake Sweet Love

25. Mister Dowland’s Midnight

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