Louis Vierne – Symphonies pour Orgue


Signum Classics are proud to announce Jeremy Filsell’s second release on Signum Records – The Symphonies of Louis Vierne.

Louis Vierne, one of the great concert organists and composers of the 20th century, is best known for his organ works. In each of the six Symphonies for Organ, Vierne explores a method of generating a symphony from just a few themes. He once stated that he was far more attracted by musical thematicism than by tone colour.

Born virtually blind, Vierne showed an early aptitude for music. His works are said to reflect the vast and decorated architecture of Notre Dame in Paris.

Filsell, famously untroubled by technical demands, concentrates on wringing every last drop of sonority in deeply-felt, idiomatic performances – BBC Music Magazine

Sends shivers down the spine … Filsell has done both Vierne and discerning organ-lovers a great service – The Times

The recording is amongst the best of St Ouen, blending individual colour and clarity with acoustic swirl and overall character of this famous instrument – CD News

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Jeremy Filsell organ 

RELEASE DATE: 06/09/2005
BARCODE: 635212006320


Symphonie No. 1, Op. 14

1. I. Prelude

2. II. Fugue

3. III. Pastorale

4. IV. Allegro Vivace

5. V. Andante

6. VI. Final

Symphonie No. 2, Op. 20

7. I. Allegro

8. II. Choral

9. III. Scherzo

10. IV. Cantabile

11. V. Final


Symphonie No. 3, Op. 28

1. I. Allegro Maestoso

2. II. Cantilene

3. III. Intermezzo

4. IV. Adagio

5. V. Final

Symphonie No. 5, Op. 47

6. I. Grave

7. II. Allegro molto marcato

8. III. Tempi di scherzo ma non troppo vivo

9. IV. Larghetto

10. V. Final


Symphonie No. 4, Op. 32

1. I. Prelude

2. II. Allegro

3. III. Menuet

4. IV. Romance

5. V. Final

Symphonie No. 6, Op. 59

6. I. Introduction et Allegro

7. II. Aria

8. III. Scherzo

9. IV. Adagio

10. V. Final

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