Lassus: Lagrime di San Pietro


Orlande de Lassus, Europe’s most famous musician during his lifetime, created nothing finer than the Lagrime di San Pietro, a collection of twenty spiritual madrigals and one motet for seven voices; A cycle of intense reflections on the sorrows of St Peter following his denial of Christ, it was assembled shortly before the composer’s death in 1594 and dedicated to Pope Clement VIII. Into this collection Lassus pours every dramatic nuance and piece of harmonic invention he could possibly muster, hurling the listener through the stages of Peter’s rage, remorse and resignation, and concluding with a motet that presents Christ’s response to the world.

Gallicantus’s robust and committed account will hearten those who fear for the future of this repertory on disc. The countertenors on the top lines are a vigorous alternative to women’s voices – Gramophone Magazine

Recording of the Month: This recording is something that absolutely must be experienced. You will not regret it at all – MusicWeb International

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Orlande de Lassus

Gabriel Crouch


RELEASE DATE: 02/09/2013
BARCODE: 635212033920

Lagrime di San Pietro

1. I. Il magnanimo Pietro

2. II. Ma gli archi

3. III. Tre volte haveva a l’importuna

4. IV. Qual a l’incontro di que gli occhi santi

5. V. Giovane donna il suo bel volto in specchio

6. VI. Così talhor

7. VII. Ogni occhio del Signór lingua veloce

8. VIII. Nessún fedél trovai, nessún cortese

9. IX. Chi ad una raccontár potesse

10. X. Come falda di neve

11. XI. È non fu il pianto suo rivo

12. XII. Quel volto, ch’era poco inanzi stato

13. XIII. Veduto il míser quanto differente

14. XIV. E vago d’incontrár chi giusta pena

15. XV. Váttene, vita, va

16. XVI. O vita troppo rea

17. XVII. A quanti, già felici in giovanezza

18. XVIII. Non trovava mia fé si duro intoppo

19. XIX. Queste opre e più

20. XX. Negando il mio Signór

21. XXI. Vide homo, quæ pro te patior

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