Johannes Brahms: Sinfonia in B


( Original 1853 version of Trio Op. 8) 

Sinfonia in B is Joseph Swensen’s orchestration of the little-known original version of Brahms’ B major piano trio. In Swensen’s own words: “Completed in 1854, it is the largest and arguably the most important of Brahms’ published early works, yet it remains nearly unknown to most musicians and music-lovers alike … The original Opus 8 is, for me, intriguing for many reasons. Not only is it a work of extraordinary quality and emotional depth, written by a composer just 21 years of age, but it is a quintessential example of Brahms’ ultra-romantic and forward looking early style.”

This disc also explores the young Brahms’ connection with Robert and Clara Schumann, with orchestrations and performances (as a violin soloist) by Swensen of miniature works by both composers – as well as extracts from the ‘F-A-E’ sonata (a joint composition by Brahms, Robert Schumann and Joseph Joachim based on the motto ‘Frei aber einsam’ / ‘free but lonely’ – Joachim’s personal motto).

Joseph Swensen has deliberately chosen a musical palette full of odd quirks and colours to reflect the fantastical nature of the work and it’s played with terrific verve and polish by the Malmö Opera Orchestra – Metro


Malmo Opera Orchestra

Joseph Swensen conductor

RELEASE DATE: 09/01/2012
BARCODE: 635212019122

Sinfonia in B

Johannes Brahms, orch. Joseph Swensen

1. I. Allegro con moto

2. II. Scherzo: Allegro molto

3. III. Adagio non troppo

4. IV. Finale: Allegro molto agitato

3 Romances Op.22

Clara Schumann, orch. Joseph Swensen

5. I. Andante molto

6. II. Allegretto – mit zartem Vortage

7. III. Leidenschaftlich schnell

8. Intermezzo from F-A-E Sonata Robert Schumann, orch. Joseph Swensen

9. Scherzo from F-A-E Sonata Johannes Brahms, orch. Joseph Swensen 

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