Jean Richafort: Requiem


Few composers of any age have enjoyed the widespread admiration and unanimous praise of successive generations as Josquin Desprez. He is considered the greatest creator and innovator of musical composition during the Renaissance, and for some half a millennium his music has stood the test of time. He is remembered as much for his own works as for his lasting influence on those of his contemporaries and students, demonstrated in many of the compositions in tribute of ‘the master’ featured in this programme. The programme’s centrepiece is Jean Richafort’s Requiem mass (missa pro defunctis), a tribute that employs several of Josquin’s compositional devices.

The King’s Singers once again demonstrate their versatility and trademark precision in this new programme devised by leading early-music scholar and conductor David Skinner.

The centrepiece is Jean Richaford’s Requiem, with flowing counterpoint spiced by rich dissonances. But the most astonishing work is Jacquet de Mantua’s Dum vastos, weaving together five Josquin ‘hits’ – The Times

All the Kings’ Singers’ performances are admirably manicured – The Guardian

Those voices emerging from sublime textures and tugging at the heartstrings have their own special quality, and I’ve found myself increasingly admiring the qualities of this performance the more I’ve delved into its expressive beneficence – MusicWeb International


The King’s Singers

RELEASE DATE: 11/03/2013
BARCODE: 635212032626

1. Musae Jovis á 4 Benedictus Appenzeller

2. Musae Jovis á 6 Nicolas Gombert

3. Salve regina Josquin Desprez

4. Dum vastos Adriae fluctus Jacquet of Mantua

5. O mors inevitabilis – Hieronymus Vinders

Requiem in Memoriam Josquin Desprez

Jean Richafort

6. Introitus

7. Kyrie

8. Graduale

9. Offertorium

10. Sanctus & Benedictus

11. Agnus Dei

12. Communio

13. Nymphes, nappés Josquin Desprez

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