Jean-Philippe Rameau: Pieces for Keyboard


Jean-Philippe Rameau’s modest output of works for keyboard (around 50 in total) are a crowning influence in French 18th-century instrumental music – summed up by one commentator as being “a paradigm of his mastery, for surveying it is to review many facets of his greatness”. Famed for his additional contributions to French opera and for his advances in musical theory of the day, his keyboard works are beguiling in their mix of subtle beauty and virtuosity. The characterful works invoke both pictorial and poetic themes – a style that performer Jill Crossland describes as an “ability to characterise, to construct a miniature world in a few instants.”

One’s reminded of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, but with the formality tempered by a blitheness of spirit and a modern elegance that prefigures the Romantics – The Independent

Crossland here claims Rameau for the piano and her programme is elegantly plotted – BBC Music Magazine

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Jill Crossland piano

RELEASE DATE: 09/01/2012
BARCODE: 635212027820

Premier Livre de Pieces de Clavecin

1. I. Prelude

2. II. Alemande

3. III. 2.e Alemande

4. IV. Courante

5. V. Sarabandes

6. VI. Gigue

7. VII. Venitienne

8. VIII. Gavote

9. IX. Menuet

Pieces de Clavecin avec une methode sur la mecanique des Doigts (Suite in E)

10. I. Allemande

11. II. Courante

12. III. Gigue en Rondeau

13. IV. 2.e Gigue en Rondeau

14. V. Le Rappel des Oiseaux (The Assembly of the Birds)

15. VI. 1.r Rigaudon – 2.d Rigaudon – double du 2.d Rigaudon

16. VII. Musette en Rondeau

17. VIII. Tambourin

18. IX. La Vilageoise (Rondeau)

Pieces de Clavecin avec une methode sur la mecanique des Doigts (‘Suite in D)

19. I. Les Tendres Plaintes (The Tender Complaints)

20. II. Les Niais de Sologne (The Simpletons of Sologne)

21. III. Double des Niais

22. IV. 2.d Double des Niais

23. V. Les Soupirs (The Sighs)

24. VI. La Joyeuse (The Joyful Girl)

25. VII. La Follette (The Mad Girl)

26. VIII. L’entretien Des Muses (The Muses’ Conversation)

27. IX. Le Lardon (The Gammon)

28. X. Les Tourbillons (The Whirlwinds)

29. XI. La Boiteuse (The Limping Girl)

30. XII. Les Cyclopes (The Cyclops)

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