J.S. Bach: The Art of Fugue


Signum is delighted to announce the debut disc of the organist Colm Carey on Signum Records.

Die Kunst der Fuge: is one of J.S.Bach’s great contrapuntal masterpieces – extraordinary for each movement being in the same key. It is a remarkable cohesion of material and style; Bach, at the end of his life, seems to be in pursuit of a pure and abstract contrapuntal beauty, which encourages a retrospective foray into the works of past masters such as Palestrina and Frescobaldi.

Playing the van Leeuwen/Flentrop organ in the Dutch Church, London, Colm Carey confronts and examines the nature of the music; its emotional impact and relevance in the context of the early 21st century.


Colm Carey organ 

RELEASE DATE: 21/06/2001
BARCODE: 635212002728

1. Contrapunctus I

2. Contrapunctus II

3. Contrapunctus III

4. Contrapunctus IV

5. Contrapunctus V

6. Contrapunctus VI

7. Contrapunctus VII

8. Contrapunctus VIII

9. Contrapunctus IX

10. Contrapunctus X

11. Contrapunctus XI

12. Contrapunctus XII

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