Into the Ravine


This first release on Signum from one of the UK’s most dynamic string quartets, the Carducci Quartet demonstrate their passion and commitment to bringing contemporary repertoire to a wider audience.

On this recording they are joined by oboist nicholas Daniel for three world premieres, all written specially for them and all premiered at the Presteigne Festival: Michael Berkeley’s Oboe Quintet, ‘Into the Ravine’, John McCabe’s String Quartet No. 7, ‘Summer Eves’, and Adrian Williams’ String Quartet No. 4.

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Carducci Quartet

Nicholas Daneil oboe

RELEASE DATE: 09/12/2013
BARCODE: 635212035023

1. Oboe Quintet, ‘Into the Ravine’ Michael Berkeley

String Quartet No.7, ‘Summer Eves’

John McCabe

2. I. Allegro sanguino

3. II. Scherzo – Giocoso

4. III. Perpetuum Mobile – Wild und rasch

5. IV. Adagio

6. V. Finale – Allegro moderato e flessibile

String Quartet No.4

Adrian Williams

7. I. Moderato flessibile, vivace

8. II. Lento e calmo

9. III. Allegro moderato, allegro molto

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