In Seven Days



The London Sinfonietta combine two works from Thomas Adès, one of the most distinctive and popular voices in modern composition. Both works feature accompanying films (by Tal Rosner and Sophie Clements) that are included in this CD/DVD set. This is the second CD for the London Sinfonietta with Signum. It follows their October release of music by Louis Andriessen, featuring the UK premiere of Anaïs Nin, alongside his famed work De Staat.

In Seven Days is a musical interpretation for piano and orchestra of the biblical ‘creation’ by Thomas Adès, composed in collaboration with a film-piece by the artist and filmmaker Tal Rosner. Both music and film evoke the processes of the creation rather than the objects described in the movement titles, using simple elements in repeated and evolving contexts in a perpetual state of flux, change and growth.

The Piano Studies Nos 6 & 7 are arrangements of player-piano works by the American composer Conlon Nancarrow. An influential figure to generations of composers, Nancarrow’s studies for the player-piano (or pianola) allowed him to generate music of extreme rhythmic complexity in a multitude of inventive ways. These arrangements for two pianos by Thomas Adès capture the strange magic of the originals, where fragmented musical ideas are played off against each other in a wild, almost jazz-like way. The works are accompanied by film-visualisations by Tal Rosner and Sophie Clements.

Bold and delightful, this release would make an admirable gift for a discerning Christmas stocking – The Times

The ingenuity and dazzling colours of Adès’s wheeling rhythmic and harmonic cycles are jaw-dropping, as is the performers’ virtuosity – The Telegraph
Thomas Adès & Rolf Hind pianos
Tal Rosner & Sophie Clements visuals

RELEASE DATE: 05/12/2011
BARCODE: 635212027721

In Seven Days

Thomas Adès 

1. I. Chaos – Light – Dark

2. II. Separation of the waters into sea and sky

3. III. Land – Grass – Trees

4. IV. Stars – Sun – Moon

5. Fugue: V. Creatures of the Sea and Sky

6. Fugue: VI. Creatures of the Land

7. VII. Contemplation

8. Study No.6 Conolon Nancarrow, arr. Thomas Adès 

9. Study No.7 Conolon Nancarrow, arr. Thomas Adès 

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