Haydn The Seasons 1801


The Gabrieli Consort continue their series of award-winning collaborations with the National Forum of Music, Wrocław, Poland with a new version of Haydn’s great oratorio The Seasons.

Using a new performing edition by Paul McCreesh this recording is the first to feature the large orchestral forces that Haydn called for, including a string section of 60, 8 horns and a choir of 70. As well as the combined forces of the Gabrieli Consort & Players, Wrocław Baroque Orchestra and National Forum of Music Choir, the recording features solo performances from British singers Carolyn Sampson, Jeremy Ovenden and Andrew Foster-Williams.

All booklet texts are printed in both English and Polish translations.

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Gabrieli Consort & Players

National Forum of Music Choir

Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra

Paul McCreesh conductor

RELEASE DATE: 24/03/2017
BARCODE: 635212048023


Haydn: The Seasons, Hob. XXI:3



1. Introduction & Accompagnato: See Winter, Stern and Gloomy, Flees

2. Chorus: Come, gentle Spring!

3. Recitative: From Aries Shines the Bright’ning Sun

4. Song: With Eagerness the Countryman Sets Forth

5. Recitative: The Countryman has Paid his Dues

6. Chorus with Solos: Heav’n be gracious, Heav’n be Bounteous

7. Introduction & Accompagnato: Our fervent pray’rs are heard

8. Duet: O what charming sights delight us


9. Introduction & Accompagnato: In darkness shrouded

10. Song: The wakeful herdsman

11. Chorus with Solos: Behold the Sun!

12. Recitative: The village lads and lasses

13. Cavatina: Exhausted Nature, fainting, sinks

14. Accompagnato: How welcome now, ye shady groves!

15. Song: How refreshing to the senses

16. Recitative: Behold,arising through the sultry air

17. ChorusWithSolos: Ah!The storm approaches near!



1. Introduction, Accompagnato & Recitative: That which Spring has promis’d

2. Trio: Thus Nature rewards our toil!

3. Recitative: See how a bunch of eager lads

4. Duet: Fine ladies of the town

5. Recitative: On ravag’d hills

6. Song: See lo on yonder open field

7. Recitative & Accompagnato: A tight’ning circle of hunters

8. Chorus: Hark, hear the sounds of the chase

9. Recitative: On vines, the grapes are glistening

10. Chorus: Drink up, drink up, the wine is here!


11. Introduction & Accompagnato: The jaded year now fades away

12. Cavatina: Light and life are enfeebl’d

13. Recitative & Accompagnato: The lake lies lock’d in frosty grip

14. Song: The wand’rer stands perplex’d

15. Recitative & Accompagnato: And drawing near the welcome sight

16. Song with Chorus:Whirring,whirring,whirring!

17. Recitative: Now the flax has all been spun

18. Song with Chorus: A noble squire, of great renown

19. Recitative:And from the east there blows an icy blast

20. Song & Accompagnato: Consider then, misguided man

21. Double Chorus with Solos: Then dawns that morn so glorious

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