Handel in Ireland


Bridget Cunningham marks St Patrick’s Day with a new harpsichord CD that gives a glimpse into Handel’s fascinating time in Dublin.

In 1741 at the age of 56, following a financially difficult time in London and with fashions turning against Italian opera, Handel went to Dublin for 9 months – a thriving musical city and the 2nd largest in the British Isles after London.

The story of this fascinating trip is told in both music and detailed accompanying notes by harpsichordist and musicologist Bridget Cunningham. This disc is part of Cunningham’s ongoing series with the ensemble London Early Opera, which has already seen releases of several volumes of Handel’s music, including Handel in Italy and Handel at Vauxhall.

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Bridget Cunningham harpsichord

RELEASE DATE: 03/03/2017
BARCODE: 635212047828

1. Messiah, HWV 56: Overture George Frideric Handel

2. Rinaldo, HWV 7: Vo Far Guerra George Frideric Handel

Esther, HWV 50

George Frideric Handel

3. Overture – Andante

4. Overture – Larghetto

5. Overture – Allegro

Suite No. 7 in G Minor, HWV 432

George Frideric Handel

6. Ouverture

7. Andante

8. Allegro

9, Sarabande

10. Gigue

11. Passacaille

12. Handel’s Forest Music Anonymous

13. Vivement in D Minor Francesco Gemimiani

14. Rinaldo, HWV 7: Lascia ch’io pianga George Frideric Handel

Suite No. 8 in G Minor

Thomas Roseingrave

15. Allemande

16. Sarabande

17. Gigue

Sonatina in E Flat, Op. 6 No. 10

Charles Thomas Carter

18. Andante larghetto

19. Allegretto

20. Der arme Irische Junge George Frideric Handel

21. Aileen Aroon Anonymous

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