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As both an organist and a composer, Lebanese-born Naji Hakim has distinguished himself as one of the most active artists of his generation. A virtuosic performer, who succeeded Olivier Messiaen as organist at l’église de la Trinité in Paris, many of his works draw on his own Christian beliefs (in 2007 he was honoured with a Papal award for his services to the church). The works are recorded on the new van den Heuvel organ of the Danish Radio Concert Hall, Copenhagen (opened in 2009).

The most immediately striking thing about this disc – apart from the excellence of the recording quality – is the brilliance and virtuosity of the performances … I regard this as an important recording and I recommend it unreservedly – International Record Review

Hakim’s spiritual exuberance is expressed in harmonically ear-tickling music which sings and dances, accelerating, in his inimitably breathless toccatas, to the insane-sounding speeds of whirling dervishes – Choir and Organ

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Naji Hakim organ

RELEASE DATE: 06/12/2010
BARCODE: 635212022221

1. All my Founts shall be with you

I love the colourful world

2. Præludium

3. Tanz-Toccata

Sakskøbing Præludier

4. Mit hjerte altid vanker

5. Nærmere, Gud, til dig

6. O Gud, du ved og kender

7. At sige verden ret farvel

8. Hil dig, Frelser og Forsoner!

9. Den mørke nat forgangen er

10. Nu blomstertiden kommer

11. Påskeblomst! hvad vil du her?

12. Op, al den ting, som Gud har gjort

13. O kristelighed!

14. Så vældigt det mødte os først i vor dåb

15. Befal du dine veje

To Call My True Love To My Dance

16. I. Theme

17. II. Cantabile

18. III. Valse

19. IV. Deciso

20. V. Arabesque

21. VI. Burletta

22. VII. Tango

23. VIII. Scherzando

24. IX. Tango

25. X. Berceuse

26. XI. Finale

Glenalmond Suite

27. I. Strømmende (Streaming)

28. II. Favnende (Embracing)

29. III. Smilende (Smiling)

30. IV. Jublende (Jubilating)

31. Aalaiki’ssalaam

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