Hakim Plays Hakim: The Schuke Organ of the Palacio Euskalduna of Bilbao


Naji Hakim returns to disc on Signum with a new and powerful collection of organ works. Hakim is joined by Marie-Bernadette Dufource for the central piece of the programme, a set of meditation for two organists inspired by Lucas Cranach the Elder’s woodcuts of the Apostles.

Completed in 2000, the Schuke Organ of the Palacio Euskalduna is housed in a magnificent concert hall of wood and steel – itself inspired by the Euskulduna shipyards that once occupied the area. A modern instrument, it is well-suited to the nuanced voicings of modern organ compositions, as well as being sympathetic and adaptable to the great works of the past.

Naji Hakim’s extraordinary virtuosity has never been in doubt – Choir and Organ

Hakim is joined by his wife, Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet, and so perfect is their musical partnership that it is easy to overlook that there are two players involved – Gramophone

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Naji Hakim, Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet organs

RELEASE DATE: 30/06/2014
BARCODE: 635212038925

1. Toccata

Petite Suite

2. I. Diferencias

3. II. Falsas

4. III. Batalla

Die Apostel

5. I. Der Heiland

6. II. Der heilige Petrus

7. III. Der heilige Andreas

8. IV. Der heilige Jakobus der Ältere

9. V. Der heilige Johannes

10. VI. Der heilige Philippus

11. VII. Der heilige Bartolomäus

12. VIII. Der heilige Thomas

13. IX. Der heilige Matthäus

14. X. Der heilige Jakobus der Jüngere

15. XI. Der heilige Simon und der heilige Judas Thaddaüs

16. XII. Der heilige Matthias

17. XIII. Der heilige Paulus

18. Ave Maria

19. Hommage à Jean Langlais

20. Esquisses Grégoriennes

21. I. Nos autem

22. II. Ave maris stella

23. III. Pater noster

24. IV. Ave verum

25. V. O filii et filiae


26. I. Prélude

27. II. Pastorale

28. III. Libanaise

29. IV. Arabesque

30. V. Litanie

31. VI. Rondeau

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