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Naji Hakim returns to disc on Signum with a second volumne of powerful organ works, featuring works inspired by different locations around the world with his Suite Norvégienne, Esquisses Persanes and Suite Française.

Completed in 2000, the Schuke Organ of the Palacio Euskalduna is housed in a magnificent concert hall of wood and steel – itself inspired by the Euskulduna shipyards that once occupied the area. A modern instrument, it is well-suited to the nuanced voicings of modern organ compositions, as well as being sympathetic and adaptable to the great works of the past.
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Naji Hakim organ

RELEASE DATE: 01/07/2016
BARCODE: 635212046326

1. Ouverture Libanaise

Suite Norvégienne

2. I. Langeleik

3. II. Dype, Stille, Sterke, Milde

4. III. Kråkevise

5. IV. Mitt hjerte alltid vanker

6. V. Bånsull i vals

7. VI. Håvard Hedde

8. VII. Byssan lull

9. VIII. Litle fuglen

10. IX. Kjerringa med staven

Esquisses Persanes

11. I. Niya Yesh

12. II. Raqs

Suite Française

13. I. Entrée sur les Grands Jeux

14. II. Flûtes

15. III. Dialogue de Cromorne et de Cornet

16. IV. Premier Plein Jeu

17. V. Fonds et Voix Humaine

18. VI. Duo

19. VII. Nasard

20. VIII. Basse de Gambe

21. IX. Dialogue de Tierce et de Prestant

22. X. Dessus de Trompette

23. XI. Clairon en Taille

24. XII. Deuxième Plein Jeu

25. XIII. Final en Rondeau

Three Basque Dances

26. I. Zortziko

27. II. Ezpata Dantza

28. III. Fandango

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