Edward Cowie’s unique compositional voice stems from his wide-ranging interdisciplinary interests in both the sonic and visual arts, with many of his works inspired by ideas and concepts from artworks and from the natural world. The opening piece of this recording – a 2011 commission for BBC Radio 3 – creates a complex musical tapestry and soundscape from the call of the Australian bell-bird, opening with translations of choruses of several species of Australian frogs.

In 2002 Cowie become the BBC Singers’ first ‘Associate Composer’, marking a relationship between the composer that began in the mid-1970s and continues to this day.

A fine tribute to an underrated composer – The Guardian

The BBC Singers are joined by the Endymion ensemble for the lengthy “Gesangbuch”, a four-part choral work whose wordless vocals and darting, sprite-like musical tones create a work of suitably elemental spirits animated by the changing seasonal round – The Independent

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BBC Singers

Stephen Preston baroque flute

RELEASE DATE: 01/09/2013
BARCODE: 635212033128

1. Bell Bird Motet 

2. The Soft Complaining Flute 


3. Herbstlich

4. Winterlied

5. Habichtswald

6. Stimmungsbild

7. Lyre Bird Motet 

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