Gabriel Prokofiev: Saxophone Concerto/Bass Drum Concerto


In his new Saxophone Concerto, Gabriel Prokofiev explores a side of classical music usually seen as forbidden by modern contemporary composers: melody. This aspect was incorporated at the request of the soloist, Branford Marsalis, allowing Prokofiev to revisit characteristics of the classical tradition not usually heard in contemporary music, giving the saxophone an open canvas.

Prokofiev’s Bass Drum Concerto shows the versatility of the instrument, despite only being used in a very basic fashion in classical music as a whole. Prokofiev experiments with how the bass drum is struck, where it is struck, and what it is struck with throughout the piece, producing a variety of sounds, colours and textures. 


Gabriel Prokofiev – Composer

Alexei Bogorad – Conductor

Branford Marsalis – Saxophone

Joby Burgess – Bass Drum


Release date: 27/09/19

Catalogue Number: SIGCD584

Barcode: 635212058428

“one of the best concertos written this century” – Gramophone

  1. Saxophone Concerto: I. Andante Deciso – Molto Pesante

2. Saxophone Concerto: II. Scherzo – Con moto

3. Saxophone Concerto: III. Largo mesto

4. Saxophone Concerto: IV. Allegro Mechanico

5. Bass Drum Concerto: I. Lento Scuro (Bass War)

6. Bass Drum Concerto: II. Largo Mesto (In the Steppes)

7. Bass Drum Concerto: III. Allegro Moderato Leggiero (Four to the Floor)

8. Bass Drum Concerto: IV. Allegro Brilliante (May Speed)

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