Expressia: Tangos & Fantasies


The New release from one of Armenia’s leading and most popular music groups.

Following their prior success this year with their first release of Expressia – Armenian Fantasy, Cadence Ensemble expand their recording ventures to Expressia – Tangos and Fantasies.

This new release explores the Tango at its best including works from some of the great Tango writers including Astor Piazzolla and fellow Armenian Narine Zarifian. With innovative arrangements of works by Carlos Gardel, Hector Stampioni and the Fantasy on Themes of Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin.

Under the leadership of pianist Armen Babakhanian, they play Piazzolla’s wildly infectious music with style and hauteur and introduce us to more tangos by lesser-known masters (including an Armenian) before winding up with a delightful arrangement of themes from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. Refreshingly different – The Guardian

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Cadence Ensemble

RELEASE DATE: 27/11/2008
BARCODE: 635212014028

1. Escualo (Ritmo Libre) Astor Piazzolla

2. Romance Del Diablo Astor Piazzolla

3. Tango Del Diablo Astor Piazzolla

4. Poem Astor Piazzolla

5. Muerte Del Angel Astor Piazzolla

6. Concerto Para Quinteto Astor Piazzolla

7. Tango Por Una Cabeza Carlos Gardel, arr. Armen Babakhanian

8. Tango Expressia Narine Zarifyan

9. Tango El Ultimo Cafe Hector Stamponi, arr. Armen Babakhanian

10. Fantasy On Themes Of Porgy And Bess George Gershwin, arr. Armen Babakhanian

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