Esperar, Sentir, Morir


The treasures of the hispanic baroque revealed through imaginative interpretations of dances, villancicos and tonos humanos from Iberia and Latin America, featuring the Catalan soprano Clara Sanabras and the Chilean tenor Rodrigo del Pozo.

Performance ★★★★★ Recording ★★★★★ Way above other [discs] of [its] kind – BBC Music Magazine

★★★★★ Sensuous entertainment from 17th-century Spain fills this exquisite CD… a triumph – The Times

Everything Charivari touches turns to gold – The Oxford Times

Magnificent – Goldberg

There is some very beautiful music here, with performances to match. …this is a fine disc of little-known music – Early Music Review


Charivari Agreable

Clara Sanabras

Rodrigo Del Pozo

Kah-Ming Ng director

RELEASE DATE: 01/10/2005
BARCODE: 635212006924

1. Esperar, sentir, morir Juan Hidalgo, arr. K-M Ng

2. Quiero, y no saben que quiero Kah-Ming Ng & Clara Sanabras

3. Espanoletas Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz

4. Corazon, causateneis Sebastian Duron 

5. Canten dos jilguerillos Francisco Escalada

6. Solo, triste y ausente Anonymous

7. Differenzias sobre la Gayta Anonymous

8. Filis yo tengo Clemente Imana

9. Ay, mi Dios! Que fuera de mi sin vos? Anonymous

10. Chacona Anonymous, arr. K-M Ng 

11. Hazo, Anton Juan Barter 

12. San Juan de Lima Anonymous

13. Que se ausenta Francisco de Santiago

14. Gilguerillo que el ayre – Francesc Valls

15. Tarambote para duas charamelinhas Anonymous

16. Canarios Kah-Ming Ng

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