David Bednall: Welcome All Wonders


Welcome all Wonders: A Christmas Cantata is a large-scale work for choir, organ, and trumpet spanning 15 movements. It celebrates the Christmas story through an imaginative selection and juxtaposition of poetry and liturgical texts, and provides a multifaceted telling of the familiar narrative. The celebratory aspects of Christmas are tainted by darker themes that are inherent to the story but are easily overlooked, culminating in an enlightened and engaging work that explores the Christmas story in a profound manner.

The Choir of The Queen’s College, Oxford is among the finest and most active university choirs in the UK. Its wide-ranging repertory includes a rich array of Renaissance and Baroque music and contemporary works.



What people are saying

“It’s a very tranquil piece which is beautifully imagined for voices…[but] Bednall does not shy away from the darker side of the Christmas story… The performance is excellent. The choir of Queen’s College…sing the work splendidly and with great assurance and commitment. The sound is fresh and clear, the choir achieving a satisfying blend and very good diction…an original and very rewarding addition to the Christmas choral repertoire.MusicWeb Internationa

“Bednall’s work makes a bright, immediate impression, the idiom, accessible without being superficial.” BBC Music Magazine

“Has genuinely expressive moments… Bednall is honoured with what is surely a splendid performance from the Choir of Queen’s College, Oxford with organists Olivia Clark and Paul Manley and trumpeter Simon Desbruslais, directed by Owen Rees.” International Record Review

“An excellent disc: the singing is incredibly tight, in the manner to which it has become increasingly accustomed under its musical director, Owen Rees, and Bednall’s writing is ingenious, embedded in a profound understanding of the workings of the choir and organ- both as distinct entries and as a partnership.” Gramophone Magazine

David Bednall

Choir of The Queen’s College, Oxford 

Olivia Clarke, Paul Manley Organ 

Simon Desbruslais Trumpet

Owen Rees director

Release date:29th Jul 2013
Order code:SIGCD335
Barcode: 635212033524

  1. Prelude – David Bednall – 4.09
  2. Alleluia – David Bednall – 4.16
  3. A virgin shall conceive – David Bednall – 5.45
  4. Ye heavens! From high the dewy nectar pour – David Bednall – 3.05
  5. Today is the beginning of our salvation – David Bednall – 6.42
  6. Oh! little blades of grass – David Bednall – 3.45
  7. Journey to Bethlehem – David Bednall – 9.22
  8. I saw a stable – David Bednall – 2.05
  9. Shepherds, rejoice! – David Bednall – 2.58
  10. See how from far, upon the eastern road – David Bednall – 2.35
  11. Tribus miraculus ornatum – David Bednall – 3.19
  12. The Slaughter of the Innocents – David Bednall – 9.10
  13. But peaceful was the night – David Bednall – 4.57
  14. Ave maris stella – David Bednall – 7.19
  15. In the beginning – David Bednall – 8.25