Brussels 5557: Masses by Frye and Plummer


Masses by Frye and Plummer from the Brussels 5557 manuscript.

The manuscript Brussels 5557 was probably compiled for the marriage of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, and Margaret of York in July 1468. A number of illuminations, including one at the start of Missa Flos Regalis, develop a theme of chastity and fidelity which accords with the nuptial spirit.

However, the music itself belongs to the 1450s or even earlier. These masses are the late-bottled vintage of a style which, in a poem of circa 1440, Martin le Franc refers to as ‘la contenance angloise’. They are harmonically rich and fruity, but built to last.

The two masses on this recording are complemented by motets by a third English composer, John Bedyngham.

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The Clerks’ Group
Edward Wickham director

RELEASE DATE: 04/11/1999
BARCODE: 635212001523

1. Kyrie Deus creator omnium Sarum Chant Frye, Bedyngham, Plummer

Missa Flos Regalis

Walter Frye

2. Gloria

3. Credo

4. Sanctus

5. Agnus Dei

6. Myn hertis lust John Bedyngham

7. Fortune alas John Bedyngham

8. Mi verry joy John Bedyngham

9. Alas, alas, alas Walter Frye

10. So ys emprentid Frye/ Bedyngham

11. Pryncesse of youthe Anonymous

Missa Sine nomine

John Plummer

12. Kyrie Omnipotens pater

13. Gloria

14. Credo

15. Sanctus

16. Agnus Dei

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