Britten: Peter Grimes


Britten’s powerful and masterful evocation of the North Sea in all its moods has to audiences all over the world become inextricably linked with the Aldeburgh that was home to George Crabbe (author of the ‘The Borough’ from which the story originates) in the eighteenth century and Britten in the twentieth.

Steuart Bedford leads a vast and accomplished ensemble on this new live recording, created shortly before the group’s unique staging of the work on the beach at Aldeburgh as part of the town’s world-renowned festival.

The mix here is imperceptible and the sound unobtrusive; engineer Mike Hatch deserves a credit twice the size and conductor Steuart Bedford pulls off an extraordinary feat of coherence and endurance. But it’s Oke who makes the case for Peter Grimes and steals the show. There used to be two great Grimes on record: Peter Pears and Jon Vickers. Now there are three – Sinfini Music

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Chorus of Opera North
Chorus of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama
Britten–Pears Orchestra
Steuart Bedford conductor

RELEASE DATE: 29/07/2013
BARCODE: 635212034828


1. Prologue: Peter Grimes

2. Prologue: You sailed your boat round the coast

3. Prologue: Peter Grimes, I here advise you

4. Prologue: The truth – the pity – and the truth

5. Prologue: Interlude I ‘Dawn’

6. Act I Scene I: Oh, hang at open doors

7. Act I Scene I: Good morning, good morning!

8. Act I Scene I: Hi! Give us a hand

9. Act I Scene I: I’ll have to go from pub to pub

10. Act I Scene I: Let her among you without fault

11. Act I Scene I: Look! The storm cone!

12. Act I Scene I: And do you prefer the storm

13. Act I Scene I: They listen to money

14. Act I Scene I: What harbour shelters peace

15. Act I: Interlude II

16. Act I Scene II: Past time to close

17. Act I Scene II: Loud man

18. Act I Scene II: There’s been a landslide up the coast

19. Act I Scene II: No, I mean love

20. Act I Scene II: Pub conversation should depend

21. Act I Scene II: Have you heard the cliff is down

22. Act I Scene II: Now the Great Bear and Pleiades

23. Act I Scene II: For peace sake

24. Act I Scene II: The bridge is down

25. Act II: Interlude III ‘Sunday Morning’

26. Act II Scene I: Glitter of waves

27. Act II Scene I: Now that the daylight fills the sky

28. Act II Scene I: Child you’re not too young

29. Act II Scene I: This unrelenting work

30. Act II Scene I: Fool to let it come to this

31. Act II Scene I: People … No! I will speak!


1. Act II Scene I: We planned that their lives

2. Act II Scene I: Shall we go and see Grimes in his hut?

3. Act II Scene I: Now gossip is put on trial

4. Act II Scene I: From the gutter

5. Act II: Interlude IV ‘Passacaglia’

6. Act II Scene II: Go there

7. Act II Scene II: They listen to money

8. Act II Scene II: Now! Now!

9. Act II Scene II: Peter Grimes

10. Act III: Interlude V ‘Moonlight’

11. Act III Scene I: Assign your prettiness to me

12. Act III Scene I: Mr. Keene

13. Act III Scene I: Murder most foul it is

14. Act III Scene I: Come along, Doctor

15. Act III Scene I: Embroidery in childhood was

16. Act III Scene I: Mr. Swallow

17. Act III Scene I: Who holds himself apart

18. Act III: Interlude VI

19. Act III Scene II: Grimes!

20. Act III Scene II: Peter, we’ve come to take you home

21. Act III Scene II: To those who pass the Borough

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