Beyond the Score


A disc of spectacular improvisations based on the plainchant of the feast of Whitsuntide. This disc is one of the first recordings of the re-built organ at Gloucester cathedral

Beyond The Score marks and contributes to the emerging “English Renaissance” in organ improvisation. As an art form, improvisation is greatly under-represented on compact disc; the number of English recordings can be counted on the fingers of one hand! By devoting an entire disc to improvisation we value the tradition as highly as that of the written-down repertoire. Long may it flourish!

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Alexander Mason organ

RELEASE DATE: 20/10/2000
BARCODE: 635212002827

Variations Veni creator

1. Tutti

2. Cantus firmus

3. Scherzo

4. Canon a 2

5. Dialogue

6. Trio

7. Fugatto

8. Tierce en taille

9. Cornet de Grigny

10. Grand choeur

Messe de la Pentecote

11. Introit

12. Offertoire

13. Elevation

14. Communion

15. Sortie


16. Introduction

17. Scherzo

18. Adagio

19. Finale

Suite des Danses

20. March

21. Sicilienne

22. Bolero

23. Minuet – Waltz

24. Gigue alla Rumba

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