The story of Beowulf, although thousands of years old, is still loved by many all over the world. This recording of a new musical telling of the story, composed by Toby Young, blurs traditional sense of the genre of classical music by merging it with folk and popular music. This fusion is what makes Beowulf a fantastic story.

The greatest versions of the story are not the simple good verses bad, but the ones which involve slight ambiguous points; ones which allow the reader/listener to mkae his/her mind up about what is exactly going on. The combination of Toby Young’s score and Jennifer Thorp’s libretto create this ambiguity perfectly.


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Armonico Consort

Toby Young

Timothy West

Release date: 18/09/20

Catalogue number: SIGCD632

Barcode: 635212063224

1. Prologue
2. Celebration
3. ‘Hwaet! Listen’
4. Great Hall
5. Refrain
6. Interlude: The Fight
7. Grendel’s Bad Deeds
8. Sweet Song
9. Unferth’s Row
10. Refrain
11. Grendel-Beowulf Battle
12. When I Was King

13. Interlude: Triumph
14. Rousing Song
15. Refrain
16. Presentation of Hrunting
17. Grendel’s Mother
18. Rise Up
19. Hrothgar’s Sermon
20. Interlude: Searching
21. Chorus of Soliders
22. Refrain
23. My Lord has Gone
24. Final Chorus

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