Arias by Mozart, Gluck and Berlioz


Star tenor Andrew Kennedy is accompanied by Southbank Sinfonia in this collection of arias by three unique Classical-era composers. This disc showcases some of the best in young British musical talent, with rising star tenor Andrew Kennedy and Southbank Sinfonia, conducted by Simon Over. Their programme explores three phases of the Classical era, with early arias from Gluck, later classical works by Mozart, and the beginnings of Romanticism with Berlioz.

Performance ★★★★ Recording ★★★★ The promise shown by Andrew Kennedy has been confirmed by his rapidly developing international career. His voice has grown in strength, well beyond the stereotypical ‘English tenor’ bleat – BBC Music Magazine

Kennedy’s bright, firm tenor is equal to the demands of Gluck’s haute-contre parts. [Moreover], Simon Over and the Southbank Sinfonia are crystal-clear accompanists and the overture to Tito is splendid – The Times

The Southbank Sinfonia plays vivaciously under Simon Over – The Daily Telegraph

[Kennedy’s voice] is always clear in definition and often, as in Pylades’ aria and Tito’s three solos, gracefully poised – Gramophone

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Andrew Kennedy
Southbank Sinfonia

RELEASE DATE: 01/02/2010
BARCODE: 635212018927

1. Calchas, d’un trait mortel percé (Achille, Iphigénie en Aulide) Gluck

2. (Aria) Misero! E Che Faro! (Recit) No, Si Atroce Costanza (Admeto, Alceste) Gluck

3. J’ai perdu mon Euridice (Orphée, Orpheé ed Euridice) Gluck

4. Divinité des grandes âmes (Pylade, Iphigénie en Tauride) Gluck

5. Overture (Die Entführung aus dem Serail) Mozart

6. Hier soll ich dich den sehen (Belmonte, Die Entführung aus dem Serail) Mozart

7. Ich baue ganz auf deinem stärke (Belmonte, Die Entführung aus dem Serail) Mozart

8. Overture (La Clemenza di Tito) Mozart

9. Del più sublime soglio (Tito, La Clemenza di Tito) Mozart

10. Ah, se fosse intorno al trono (Tito, La Clemenza di Tito) Mozart

11. Se’all’ impero (Tito, La Clemenza di Tito) Mozart

12. Ô blonde Cérès, (Iopas, Les Troyens) Berlioz

13. Ah! je vais l’aimer (Bénédict, Béatrice et Bénédict) Berlioz

14. Chant du Bonheur (Lélio ou Le retour à la vie, Op. 14b, No. 4) Berlioz

15. Air de Faust (Faust, Le Damnation de Faust) Berlioz

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