Anna Karenina: An Opera by David Carlson, Libretto by Colin Graham


Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina is a masterwork of 19th Century literature; a parable on the struggle for personal freedom against the conventions of a hostile society, played out in a tragic love-story. With a libretto by the distinguished director Colin Graham after the novel by Leo Tolstoy, David Carlson’s opera vividly captures the drama and message of the original work. This double-disc set is a world premiere recording of the opera, with commanding performances from members of the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis and the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Stewart Robertson.

There is a lot to admire in this dramatic, expressive score – Opera Now Magazine

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Opera Theatre of St Louis
St Louis Symphony Orchestra
Stewart Robertson

RELEASE DATE: 30/03/2009
BARCODE: 635212015421


Act 1

1. Prologue, The Station, Moscow. Winter, 1874

2. Part 1, Scene 1: A Sitting Room in Stiva’s House. That Day

3. Part 1, Scene 2: A Ball at Princess Betsy Tverskoya’s House

4. Part 1, Scene 3: Karenin’s House, St. Petersburg. That Night

5. Part 2, Scene 1: Stiva’s House. A Few Days Later.

6. Part 2, Scene 2: Lenin’s House in the Country.

7. Part 2, Scene 3: Karenin’s Country House Outside St. Petersburg. Spring.

8. Part 3, Scene 1: A Box at the Races. Tsarskoe Selo. That Afternoon.

9. Part 3, Scene 2: Karenin’s Study, Some Days Later. Night.


Act 2

1. Part 4, Scene 1: The Admiralty Gardens, St. Petersburg. Early Autumn.

2. Part 4, Scene 2: A Supper Party at the Oblonskys’.

3. Part 4, Scene 3: Anna’s Bedroom, That Night.

4. Interlude I

5. Part 5, Scene 1: Levin’s House. Six Months Later.

6. Part 5, Scene 2: Anna, Writing.

7. Part 5, Scene 3: Seriosha’s Bedroom. Early Morning on His Birthday.

8. Interlude II

9. Part 6, Scene 1: Anna’s Apartments at an Hotel. That Evening.

10. Part 6, Scene 2: The Station Platform.

11. Part 6, Scene 3: Epilogue, The garden of Levin’s Country Estate. Months Later.

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