Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, whose score is the first commissioned by The Royal Ballet for a full-length narrative dance work in 20 years, won over not only London audiences but those in Canada and the US, flocking to its premiere North American season with the National Ballet of Canada in June of 2011. The production was sold out well in advance of its close and ended as the company’s highest-grossing production of all time.

This is real music – witty, unpretentious and clever, and the extracts chosen on this disc never outstay their welcome. Themes associated with specific characters are invariably memorable and intelligently developed. The suite’s opening is entrancing – The Arts Desk

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under Christopher Austin’s baton delivers a flawless and energetic performance, drawing out every ingenious flourish and limning each individual sound in silver – Sinfini Music

What Talbot has done to create the aural setting for the world down the rabbit-hole is extraordinary. His whimsical score twists and turns as capriciously as the place in which Alice has found herself. The orchestra produces a plethora of odd and magical sounds, tumbling rhythms that seem to trip over one another and at times, walls of big beautiful sound – Expedition Audio

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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Christopher Austin

Joby Talbot

RELEASE DATE: 11/03/2013
BARCODE: 635212032725

Suite from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

1. Prologue

2. The Mad Hatter’s Tea-Party

3. Alice Alone

4. The Croquet Match

5. Setting Up the Courtroom

6. The Queen of Hearts’ Tango

7. The Cheshire Cat

8. The Flower Garden Part I

9. The Flower Garden Part II

Fool’s Paradise

10. I

11. II

12. III

13. IV

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