A Purse of Gold: Irish Songs by Herbert Hughes


Despite the tradition of passing folk songs from generation to the next, aurally, the Irish folk song had lost its importance somewhat in 19th century Ireland, but by the turn of the twentieth-century the revival of Ireland’s native music was coming to a head.

Belfast-born Herbert Hughes set about collecting and distributing Irish airs. From there he began arranging the melodies for voice and piano, but at a lecture in Dublin pointed out the relationship between the original song, as sung by ‘the peasant, giving voice to an ancient tradition’ and the same song as put into print with a piano accompaniment. This original disc brings together both the old and the new, transforming the traditional folk song into an ‘art-song.’ The 25 folk songs tell of stories both happy and sad and make this disc as much a literary landscape, as a musical one with words by Thomas Moore & James Joyce. Beautifully performed by Ailish Tynan & Iain Burnside.

★★★★★ Soprano Ailish Tynan’s feeling for the musical idiom and, above all, the poetry of her countrymen, matched by Burnside’s delightfully poetic pianism, prove irresistible. Highly recommended – Classic FM


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Ailish Tynan
Iain Burnside

RELEASE DATE: 01/11/2007
BARCODE: 635212010624

1. Reynardine

2. The Fanaid Grove

3. The Leprechaun

4. When through life unblest we rove

5. Oh, brethe not his name

6. I’m a decent good Irish boy

7. She weeps over Rahoon

8. The Magpie’s Nest

9. Johnny Doyle

10. Cruckhaun Finn

11. Johnny hardly knew ye

12. The Gartan Mother’s Lullaby

13. You couldn’t stop a lover

14. I will walk with my love

15. She moved thro’ the fair

16. The Bard of Armagh

17. The old turf fire

18. O father, father build me a boat

19. B for Barney

20. She lived beside the anner

21. The stuttering lovers

22. I know where I’m goin’

23. A young maid stood in her father’s garden

24. The Spanish Lady

25. Tigaree torum orum

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