A Doll’s House


Formed in 1992, the British percussion quartet ensemblebash has forged a reputation as one of the world’s most innovative and groundbreaking chamber ensembles. Using the music of West Africa as both core repertoire and a guiding spiritual influence, ensemblebash mixes contemporary classical, jazz and music theatre into unforgettable performances.

This new recording marks 20 years since the formation of the group, with the programme made up of some of their best commissions from the 2002 to 2012.

ensemblebash [make] playing percussion the coolest, noisiest and funniest occupation on earth – The Times

A marvellous CD from the Bashers to show off your newest playing equipment. Most of it is not loud; intricate subtleties from these multi-instrumentalists dominate the listening experience – Musical Pointers


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RELEASE DATE: 27/08/2012
BARCODE: 635212029428

1. Shard Graham Fitkin

2. Slip-stream Howard Skempton

3. Rimfire Stephen Montague

4. Bash Peace David Bedford

5. Dance Play Nick Hayes

6. Sound Asleep Peter McGarr

7. Breather Stewart Copeland

8. Echolalia Rachel Leach

9. Dance of the Dragonfly Keith Tippett

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