Eton College Chapel Choir

In 1441, Henry VI founded Eton College in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At the same time, he founded its sister college, King’s College in Cambridge, and gave each its chapel in magnificent Perpendicular style. The foundation of Eton College provided ten men and sixteen boys to sing the services and with very few breaks, the choir has been singing in the chapel from then until the present day.

The Eton College Chapel Choir today is formed from boys in the school, with the occasional master, about half of whom have been choristers at cathedrals or chapels before they come to Eton for their secondary education. The choral tradition is maintained by regular school services throughout term-time. Music Scholarships are offered annually to enable talented boys to continue their education at Eton. The choir and boy organists’ ten recordings range from the 15th century Eton Choirbook to jazz standards in close harmony.
Adam Berman
Edmund Bridges
Samuel Cator
Matthew Chambers
Alex Chance
Joshua Cooter
Alex Eager
Charles Gardiner-Hill
Simon Goldring
John Gowers
Sam Landman
Nicholas Lee
Charles Longstaff
Joshua Nieboer
Tom Norrington
Rubin Patel
Hugo Popplewell
Alex Robart Alto
Joseph Armon-Jones
James Eager
Alexander Greaves
Julian Harvie
Henry Hunter
James Lowther
Mr. Andrew Maynard
James Prothero
Thomas Recknell
Alasdair Russell
James Spicer
Henry Vaughan Tenors
Gwilym Bowen
Nathan Eager
Samuel Ellison
Kevin Gray
Julian Gregory
Charles Phillips
Robert Ponti
Marcus Roberts
Thomas Russell
Fergus Thirlwell Basses
Edward Blakeney
Simon Chambers
William Clarke
Nicholas Daly
Alessandro Fisher
Robert Jeffrey
Alex Jones
Hector Miller-Bakewell
Jonathan Monro
James Poston
Christopher Potts
Fernando Rodriguez-Villa
Jack Ross
Benjamin van Nieuwenhuizen

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