Elizabeth Kenny

Founded in 2008, the early music ensemble ‘Gallicantus’ sprang from the ranks of the professional choir ‘Tenebrae’, when five of the choir’s regulars, each with a wealth of experience in the world of consort singing, decided to form a separate group dedicated to renaissance music. Literally meaning ‘Rooster Song’, ‘Gallicantus’ was a word used in monastic antiquity for the office held just before the dawn, at cockcrow, and it evokes the renewal of life offered by the coming David Allsopp and Mark Chambers countertenor Richard Butler and Christopher Watson tenor Gabriel Crouch and Nigel Short baritone William Gaunt and Jimmy Holliday bass Gabriel Crouch director day.

The group is bound by a shared love of communicating text, and is committed to creating performances which draw out unifying themes within apparently diverse repertoire. To this end they are as meticulous about providing contextual explanations and insights for their audiences as they are about crafting interpretations of the music they love. Hymns, Psalms & Lamentations (Sacred Music by Robert White) is the group’s first CD release.

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